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Pleasure a womanHow to Pleasure a Woman and Make Her Cum Hard

How to pleasure a woman and make her cum is the Holy Grail for most men, even outranking their own sexual needs. And it gives a man a great sense of pride and confidence after developing the necessary skills to know how to make a woman cum every time.

Once a man is captivated by the idea of how to give a woman an orgasm, how does he learn the necessary skills to ensure that he knows how to make her cum?

Is there a special technique to make a woman orgasm, or is it in the lap of the Gods as to whether or not a woman will experience the explosive climaxes that her body is capable of?

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What follows are a number of observations and tips on how to pleasure a woman and make her cum.

Before getting into the science behind how to pleasure a woman, let’s first have a look at the subject of orgasms as a whole.

The male climax combines ejaculation with an orgasm and it is a foregone conclusion that when a man climaxes (unless he's multi-orgasmic or he has an adverse medical / physical condition) it’s usually the end of the game for him. So, he tends to use his orgasm as a marker which is the amount of time that elapses between first insertion to final climax. This constitutes his sexual performance, good or bad.

Whether a man lasts as long as he’d like, or does all the things he’d love to do, he's always guaranteed the predictable end result of cumming.

A woman, on the other hand is totally different. Whether she cums or not is entirely dependent on a host of factors, including but not limited to: a man’s sexual ability, the woman’s knowledge of how her body works, and her mood at the time of sex. And there’s the added complication of many women faking orgasms just to massage the egos of men.

After taking these factors into consideration, it becomes clear that knowing how to give a woman an orgasm is usually a tricky proposition for most men.

But there ARE things a man can do to his partner to ensure that he stands the best chance of making her cum.

The following are concepts most men never hear about, or if they do hear about them, they never try them out. If more men made the effort to test the following ideas, many women would experience orgasms more frequently.

Here are the techniques and strategies on how to pleasure a woman and make her cum:

1. How to Pleasure a Woman: Slow build-up

Sexual satisfaction and stimulation happens in two different ways: in the mind, and in the body.

Many men forget about this balance of the mental and physical, and rush into penetrative sex too quickly, with too much pace. Instead, a man needs to start slowly and gradually intensify the attention he gives to pleasing a woman.

So, begin penetrative sex with slow strokes that vary in depth and angle. Doing this does two things:

- First, it warms the woman up physically and allows her body to fully accept and accommodate the man.

- Second, it gives the man an opportunity to identify the type of stroke speed, depth and angle that stimulates and pleases the woman the most. The man should listen to her moans, watch her eyes and try to sense her excitement levels as he varies his technique.

2. How to Pleasure a Woman: Focus on her

A man shouldn't be afraid to make it obvious that his main goal is pleasing the woman as much as he possibly can.

It's a mistake for a man to feel that he's somewhat soppy or subordinate to display a desire to only pleasure a woman and forget about himself.

When a man shows a woman how much he cares about making her cum, he achieves three things:

- First, he turns her on emotionally and mentally (which is vital).

- Second, he opens up healthy communication between the two of them. She can verbally express to him what feels the best and where he should focus his attention.

- The third reason is the simplest of all: the more focus placed on a goal, the more likely it will be achieved.

3. How to Pleasure a Woman: Double the stimulation

Most women achieve their orgasms from external, clitoral stimulation and not penetrative vaginal sex.

So, a man can focus a lot of attention on making her cum orally or with his fingers by giving her gratification such as rubbing her clit lightly in a circular motion with the tips of his index, middle and ring fingers during penetrative sex, or by massaging her g spot. This more than doubles the chances of making her cum.

How to Pleasure a Woman: Summary

Let's sum up how to pleasure a woman so that it makes it easier to apply these principles whenever the moment arrives:

1. Take it slow and watch for the woman's reactions. When she reacts strongly and positively, remember what action or type of stroke or sex position was used.

2. SHOW HER a sense of caring by focusing your attention on giving her pleasure as much as possible; and making her cum. A caring attitude will make her feel turned on and she will be more willing and eager to return the favour…in spades!

3. Vary the action. Mix up penetrative sex with external stimulation to increase her pleasure and give her an orgasm.

These points -- if practised -- provide a foundation for improving a man's sex skills and opens the door for advanced techniques on how to give a woman an orgasm.

Mr. W. Wilcox is a sex expert who has transformed the art of sex into the Science of Orgasms . Men from around the world who have used his unique scientific orgasm techniques, know how to pleasure a woman and make her cum.